Top Gun Supermarine Spitfire MkIX ARF RC Αεροπλάνο

Τιμή: 349.00€

  • Κωδικός/Model: TG2800
  • Κατασκευαστής: Top Gun

The History
In 1941, the new German Focke-Wulf FW-190 single-seat fighter suddenly began to show up in combat over the skies of Northern France during the summer of 1941. Spitfire pilots became sitting ducks after its superior performance became evident in their first encounters. Britain scrambled to create an airplane equal to this powerful, agile, high-altitude adversary, with the MkIX hastily being put into production to combat the new threat. Originally thought of as a stopgap Spitfire, the MKIX, actually stayed in production through 1944 with 5,665 being produced.

Top Gun R/C Aircraft decided that it would only be right to begin their Warbird range with a Spitfire and none better than the legendary WWII fighter ace Johnnie Johnson’s MkIX.

Air Vice Marshal James Edgar "Johnnie" Johnson was a RAF pilot who shot down 38 Luftwaffe aircraft during World War II, thus becoming the British flying ace with the most "kills" during the war.

The Details
Top Gun, in collaboration with partners Cermark feel that scale details on such an aircraft are everything so have chosen to use a glassfibre fuselage incorporating moulded fin, detailed panel lines and rivets and detachable flush fitting fibreglass cowl, pre-finished with separately fitted (not moulded in) Merlin exhaust stacks. Balsa built up tail plane, rudder and wings. Wings are fitted out for air up, spring down retracts included in the kit. Flying surfaces covered in camouflage oracover matching the fully painted and trimmed fuselage. Fully moulded canopy is complete with prepainted framework. The finish is all matt, unlike some other interpretations available.

Other scale details include moulded air intakes and radiators, 20mm cannon and ariel, wheel well inserts for wings and wheel doors.

Pictures below showing cockpit detail and pilot have been added afterwards and are not included

The Flying
Designed around a 60-90 2-stroke or 4-stroke engine, the MkIX weighs in with a flying weight of around 9-10lbs depending on engine choice.

Due to a lightweight design for its size, the Top Gun MkIX is very easy and forgiving to fly. It has no vices such as tip stalling, and results in an aircraft that feels very comfortable and safe to fly - not always a trait associated with scale Spitfires. For our test model we chose a .91 4-stroke which enabled us to retain most of the scale cowl outline by hiding most of the silencer within the cowl which is always difficult with a Spitfire, resulting in a more scale like profile.

Spec Check:
  • Wing Span: 71"
  • Length: 62.2"
  • Wing Area: 852sq in
  • Weight: 9-10lbs
  • Radio: 5ch, 6 servos (not inc)
  • Engine: .91 (2C) 1.20 (4C) (not inc)
  • Retracts: Air up, spring down included

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