Flyzone Sensei FS EP Trainer RTF w/WISE Gyro

Τιμή: 345.00€

  • Κωδικός/Model: FLZA3030
  • Κατασκευαστής: Flyzone

Flyzone Sensei FS EP Trainer RTF w/WISE Gyro
The Sensei FS trainer model, with WISE stabilisation system, offers a new dimension in ease of operation.
The innovative WISE 3-axis stabilisation system is almost like having a flight instructor present who will instantly assume control should you yourself lose it.
A powerful brushless motor supplies the performance for dynamic aerobatics once your skills are sufficiently improved, and a practical "Drop-Door" function allows you to drop a payload of your choice.
The RTF set contains everything needed for an immediate start - all you need do is assemble the model and charge the battery.
The Rx-R Version without receiver is ideal for model pilots who already have an RC-system.

Technical specifications:
Wingspan: 1475 mm
Length: 1220 mm
Total weight: 1470-1590 g

RC functions:
Motor, ailerons, rudder and elevator, "Drop-Door"- function

RTF modell, pre-assembled componentgroups with factory-fi tted servos, Motor and ESC, including RC set with receiver, flight battery and charger

Additionally included in RTF:
- RC-System TTX610 and receiver TR624
- Flyzone Flight battery 11.1 V 2100 mAh
- LiPo charger with 230 V AC adaptor and 12 V car connector
- Mignon (type AA) cells, 4 pieces

- Fast build due to extensive pre-assembly. No adhesive necessary - everything screws together
- WISE stabilisation system.
WISE Stabilisation System Features:
It was never easier to learn to fly!
The WISE stabilisation system automatically holds your plane in a stable attitude, and with the three available modes of operation, lets you adapt the system to your level of ability.
In this way you can practice and learn at your own preferred pace.
- Beginner MODE:
bank and pitch limited to 30°, release the sticks to return to neutral.
- Intermediate MODE:
less limits with bank and pitch up to 90°, greater manoeuvrability, release the sticks to return to neutral.
- Advanced MODE: Fly as you like with no limits.
Releasing the sticks will NOT return the model to neutral.
- Bailout Switch: Activate this switch to automatically return the model to level flight and continue normal operation.
This functions in any of the three modes.
- Automatic take-off and landing function:
Through the throttle-stick position WISE will sense that take-off power has been set and will raise the elevator a little, thus taking-off independently. Landing is accomplished, by
reducing throttle, in a similar fashion.
In this way you can concentrate on the model’s attitude, and landing becomes noticeably easier.
In advanced MODE, this function is de-activated.
- In contrast to many other intelligent gyro systems, the WISE system is compatible with all commonly available RC-systems.

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