FMS F6F Hellcat ARTF 1400 Series w/Retracts - RC Warbird ARTF


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  • Κωδικός/Model: FS0127B
  • Κατασκευαστής: FMS

FMS F6F Hellcat ARTF 1400 Series w/Retracts - RC Warbird ARTF.
The Grumman F6F Hellcat was a carrier based WW2 aircraft introduced in early 1943. It proved to be very succesful against the Japanese A6M Zero, its 2000hp Pratt & Whiney radial gave the heavily armed and protected Hellcat the upper hand in the pacific.
FMS have chosen the Tri Colour scheme which we believe best suits rc models due to the increased contrast. New levels of qualtiy, finish and constuction will please budding pilots of all abilities.
This aircraft is a super smooth and stable platform and seems to fly and present much larger than its compact 1400mm span. It rewards the pilot with responsive control surfaces and has great energy retention. Hucking the Hellcat is a real pleasure and its effortless performance allows it to perform big loops, rolls, half cubans and split ess manoeuvres.
The unmistakable scale outline of the Hellcat features an easily removable auxillary tank and is fully complemented with both main gear and tail retracts installed.

Spec Check:
  • 1400mm Wingspan
  • 1110mm Length
  • 7 Pre installed servos
  • 50 Amp ESC with 4 Amp SBEC
  • High power brushless motor
  • 2 Twist and turn electronic worm drive retracts
  • Retractable steering tail gear
  • Centre and outboard flaps with integral stiffener
  • Ailerons featuring stiffening inserts
  • GRP wing socket and stiffeners
  • 2 CRP wing tubes
  • Aileron stiffeners

F6F Hellcat ARTF 1400 Detailing:
  • Tri colour camouflage scheme
  • Full panel line detailing
  • Cowl flaps (air outlets)
  • 3 Blade scale propeller with painted tips and decals
  • Scale Propeller hub assembly (chrome effect)
  • 6 Machine guns
  • Navigation LEDΆs
  • Detailed hand painted Pilot
  • Dash detailing
  • Fully Detailed Resin Cowl inc Dummy radial
  • Factory applied decals
  • Auxillary fuel tank (detachable)
  • Radio atenna

Required for completion: 6 Channel Transmitter and reciver, 4S 3300-4000mAh Lipo Battery & Charger.

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