FMS F4E Phantom 70mm Ducted Fan Electric Foam Jet - Camo

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  • Κωδικός/Model: FS0017C
  • Κατασκευαστής: FMS

This all-molded foam airplane comes completely painted in an attractive matte finish with waterslide decals applied. The 70mm fan with brushless outrunner motor is pre-installed, as is the 45A brushless speed control. The jet has 5 pre-installed servos: (2) ailerons, (2) elevators, nose wheel steering. Landing gear is fixed but can be easily removed for hand launching. Battery changes are quick, just remove the canopy that is held in place with magnets.

The jet is large enough for good visibility in flight, but is easily transported. The thrust from the 70mm fan with the included 4 cell 2100 mAh LiPo battery will quickly accelerate the F-4 into the air. The climbout is steep and the speed impressive. The full scale Phantom had the glide angle of a brick; our version displays much more pilot friendly manners. Due to its light weight the F-4 will slow down nicely and retain its good flying character, making landings a thing of beauty. Flight times are about 5 minutes on a charge. Requires a 4 channel radio.

Kit Includes
  • 5 pre-installed servos
  • 45 Amp brushless motor controller
  • Outrunner brushless motor
  • 4 Cell 20c 2100 mAh LiPo battery
  • 70mm ducted fan

Spec Check
  • Wingspan: 720mm
  • Length:1100mm
  • Flying Weight: 850g

Requires TX/RX for completion.

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