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HoBao Hyper MT Sport RTR 4WD 1/8 Electric RC Monster Truck

  • Κωδικός/Model: HBMTE-S150B
  • Κατασκευάζεται από: Hobao


HoBao Hyper MT Sport RTR 4WD 1/8 Scale Electric RC Monster Truck.
High-powered brushless motors and LiPo batteries were almost made for models like the new Hyper Monster Truck. Available as a 99% ready-to-run or a rolling chassis for you to choose your own power systems the Hyper MT is ready to tear up the neighbourhood.

HoBao are renowned for their excellent build quality, strong designs and value for money, and the Hyper MT is no exception. Featuring some modern styling to that old and dated Monster Truck look, the Hyper MT uses an aggressive cab forward style bodyshell with side rails, oversized 12cm diameter low profile spoked wheels that are married up to some high traction low profile block directional pattern tyres for the ultimate in handling and power transfer.


Underneath the body, the Hyper MT features a convenient carry handle/roll bar to protect the brushless motor and speed control from damage. The trucks centre line is neatly balanced with the longitudinally mounted motor esc, sandwiched between twin side battery boxes for better handling and control. The main aluminium ladder/truss chassis carries a centre gearbox with gear reduction system. All transmission, differential and pinion gears are hard anodized steel for maximum durability.

High quality Savöx digital metal-geared SC0252 servo handles the steering, while a waterproof Hobbywing 150A speed control and 2000kv sensorless brushless motor provides the power and control. Just couple up your choice of twin NiMH (up to 16 cells) or LiPo (either 2S or 3S type) battery for some insane speed runs.

The 2.4ghz receiver is protected with the centre radio box for added security, with space for a separate receiver pack if you wish to use for high-powered aftermarket servos.

Super stroke high volume oil filled aluminium shock absorbers soak up the terrain via the robustly designed symmetrical front and rear suspension arms, uprights, hub carriers and steering blocks. Adjustable left/right threaded steel turnbuckles provide fine simple suspension geometry adjustment for optimum performance.

If you like your models big and fast, then the Hyper MT brushless ticks all the boxes and some!

Hyper MT Sport Features:
  • 99% Ready-To-Run
  • HoBao 2.4ghz 3 Channel radio system
  • Hobbywing 150A brushless speed control
  • 2000kv Sensorless brushless motor
  • Savox SC0252 10.5kg steering servo
  • Heavy duty steel differential, pinion and transmission gears
  • Low profile big lug tyres
  • Low profile Giga star 17mm hex wheels
  • Centre roll bar/handle
  • Super stroke large volume oil filled shock absorbers
  • Full aluminium truss chassis
  • Large capacity receiver and battery box
  • Enclosed gear reduction transfer case
  • Clamp style motor mount for zero flex
  • Side truss moulded battery holders with Velcro straps
  • Adjustable stainless steel turnbuckles
  • Symmetrical front and rear suspension arms, carriers and steering knuckles
  • Aluminium hinge pin holders
  • Rubber sealed ball bearings
  • Moulded front and rear bumpers & skid plates
  • Front ΅GemΆ bumper headlights
  • Pre-painted custom styled bodyshell and accessories

Spec Check:
  • Length: 559mm
  • Width: 432mm
  • Height: 254mm
  • Weight: 4852g

Please Note: This kit requires a Wheel Wrench, Lipo Batteries and AA batteries for completion. (** NB:the battery packs required for the truck are two NiMH (up to 8-cell ΅flatΆ type packs) or two LiPo batteries (2S or 3S) plus applicable charger. Batteries must be same type, voltage and capacity.**)

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