Byron Fuels - Race 2500 'Pro Driver' Gen2 Fuel 25% Nitro / 9%Oil

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  • Κωδικός/Model: B3130181
  • Κατασκευαστής: Byron Fuels

Καύσιμο με 25% νίτρο και 9% λάδι. Προτείνετε για κατηγορία 1/8 και ιδιαίτερα για αγωνιστική χρήση..
ProDriver Byron Fuels are designed specifically for competition. They differ from their RACE Gen2 counterparts of the same nitromethane percentage by 2% less total lubrication. Before RACE fuels were re-engineered with the new Gen2 lubrication package, our ProDriver Fuels were reserved only for our Factory Team Drivers and were not available to the general modeling public. The new Gen2 lubrication package offers such an improvement in protection that with the introduction of the Gen2 line, we also made the lower oil content ProDriver blends available to all our dealers. Care should still be taken in tuning with the ProDriver Fuels. After finding your maximum power needle valve setting, always richen the engine from that setting to prevent overly lean runs.

Byron Originals has engineered a unique and revolutionary lubrication package that combines a greatly increased flow rate with increased film strengths that enhance performance while increasing lubrication qualities. The new Byron Gen2 lube designs allow greater unloading and expanded power curves through increased flow rates of the same oil percentages — and not by decreasing lubrication. The result: Performance AND engine protection only previously dreamed of.

Increased flow rates and increased film strengths of the Gen2 package produce less heat. Less heat produces a broader and less critical needle setting. Increased flow rates enable leaner needle settings which result in more laps per tank and less pitting for fuel.

  • Leaner operation for substantially GREATER MILEAGE!
  • Consistently COOLER OPERATION!
  • EASIER, less elusive TUNING!
  • High-Pressure Film Strength leaves engine well lubricated following runs and guarantees LESS ENGINE WEAR than youΆd expect from a greasy, high oil content sport fuel!
  • INDUCTION SEALED BOTTLE eliminates contamination and keeps fuel fresh until you are ready to use it!

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