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Sanwa M11 2.4GHz (Δύο Δέκτες)

  • Κωδικός/Model: M11-2.4G/2RX
  • Κατασκευάζεται από: Sanwa


The M11's innovative design and software provide the driver with the ultimate in feel, speed and control. The M11 continues the tradition of Airtronics award winning surface systems
• Extreme High Response Technology
• 2 or 4 channels (4-channel is not EHRT compatible).
• Key Customization
• Computerized 240x90 Multi Function Display (CFM Display).
• Selectable backlight colour (blue or white)
• Rubber Padding on Grip
• Throttle Tension Adjuster
• Vibrator Function (Grip)
• Traction Control System
• ALB (Anti Lock Brakes)
• Trim Position Adjust (5 Position)
• Steering Height Adjuster (2 Position)
• Trigger Tension Adjuster
• Brake Mixing
• EXP can be added to the ARC adjustment
• Full Adjustable Rate Control
• Variable Servo Speed Adjustment
• Servo Monitor
• 30 Model Memory
• Transmission Mode: FM PPM
• Includes RF Module & Crystal
• Dimensions: 215mm x 234mm x 137mm
• Approximate Weight: 710g

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