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Hi-speed Radio Controlled Electric Hydro Boat 1:16

  • Model: MRS-6026


Sold Out
This high speed hydro boat is just like the real hydro boats and is powered by a 540 high speed motor. It is styled like the offshore race boats and is highly manouvreable at speed as it skims across the water.
It features a large torsion propeller which gives the maximum possible speed from the 540 motor. The speed controller has been developed to give a smooth increase in power as you increase the throttle, this gives a better acceleration through the water.

Speeds of 18mph are possible in the right conditions, coupled with the 100m range of the boat means it will be ideal on larger lakes and ponds, even the sea.

The boat also has a water cooling system for the motor (see photograph).

This boat comes with everything you need (except batteries for the transmitter )and is ready to go straight out of the box, an either as white or yellow scheme, depending on stock.
The package includes:

  • Boat (100% assembled)
  • Radio Controller with antenna
  • Wall Battery Charger
  • 7.2v Rechargeable battery
  • Spare Propeller
  • Boat Display Stand
  • English Manual



  • Full Function Radio Controlled (Forward , Left and Right turn, Stop)
  • Special speed controller for boats delivers a reliable, smooth, non-stepped driving force Water cooling for motor High speed servo for rudder control for great maneuvering capabilities!
  • R/C Racing Boat with professional torsion larger propeller
  • Powerful high speed 540 motor
  • Equipped with a waterproof hatch to the radio compartment to keep radio equipment safe and dry
  • Wheel-type controller allows for easy and sure control
  • Vector-push design
  • Hi-Capacity rechargeable battery
  • Quick battery charger
  • 100% metal activating mechanism which is durable
  • Outdoor operating range up to 100m away
  • Approx 35 minutes playing time for each charge
  • Complete Kit, Ready to Run


  • Length: 700mm
  • Width: 360mm
  • Height: 185mm
  • Operating range: 100m
  • 18mph top speed
  • 540 Electric motor
  • Boat speed controller

Required To Use

  • 8AA batteries for the transmitter

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