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Novak Havoc Pro SC/Ballistic 550 Short Course System – 4.5

  • Κωδικός/Model: NE3115
  • Κατασκευάζεται από: Novak


The Havoc Pro SC Brushless ESC (#1745) is the first speed control specifically designed to meet the rigors of short course racing. In fact, it includes everything any short course enthusiast could ever want in a speed control: It boasts electronic timing, on-board programming with 14 adjustable parameters, a brand new braking system, and it comes factory wired to the most powerful short course motor available. Stop your search here; Novak has the short course system for you!

The versatile speed control is also compatible with 540 and 550-sized brushless motors to easily power 2WD and 4WD short course trucks. On top of that, Novak is releasing a Havoc Pro SC/Ballistic 550 Short Course System – 4.5T (NE3115) that is compatible with most 4WD short course trucks, including HoBao's Hyper 10 SC Pro 4x4 Kit and OFNAΆs JamminΆ SCRT 10 4X4 Kit, and a system specifically designed for the Traxxas customer. The Havoc Pro SC/Ballistic 550 Short Course System – 4.5T TRA (NE3116) includes a custom install plate and a high-current handling Traxxas-compatible battery connector to fit easily into TraxxasΆ Slash 4X4 4WD Short Course Trucks without soldering. Both 4.5-turn short course systems also include a free rugged 5mm pinion gear to promote plug ΆnΆ play action.

Havoc Pro SC/Ballistic 550 Short Course System Features:
  • Multiple adjustable parameters via on-board programming: Minimum Brake (0-30%), Drag Brake (0-30%), Minimum Drive (0-15%), Timing Level (0-42°), Timing Set Point (19,500-4,000), Dead Band (2-8%), Throttle Curve (Linear/Expo), Brake Curve (Linear/Expo), Brake Frequency (1.67-13.7 KHz), Brake End Point (10-100%), Drive Frequency (16-7 KHz), Reverse, Motor Rotation, Voltage Cut-Off, Hall Sensor Test
  • On-board Hall Sensor Test to easily and quickly verify that the motor's sensors are working properly
  • NovaBrakes™ provide instantaneous braking under any timing condition
  • Sensor-based for excellent torque and low-speed driveability
  • ROAR approved for 4WD Short Course racing
  • The Havoc Pro SC System – 4.5T (NE3115) includes a free 5mm Mod 1 Hardened Steel Pinion Gear, and the Havoc Pro SC System – 4.5T TRA (NE3116) includes a free 5mm 32-Pitch Steel Pinion Gear
  • User friendly One-Touch programming interface with five colored status LEDs to help personalize the speed controlΆs settings
  • Compatible with the entire 540 and 550-sized Novak brushless motor lines
  • Robust 3-amp BEC for strong and fast steering response under any condition
  • Highly water-resistant case
  • Cross-cut ESC heat sink for reduced weight and efficient cooling

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