1/10 Buggy EP 4WD r/s DBX VE 2.0 Bug

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  • Κωδικός/Model: 30845T1B
  • Κατασκευαστής: Kyosho

Handy 1/10 size but drives like a 1/8 class! 2.4GHz R/C system pre-installed!

Evolution of the next generation 2.0 electric buggy with longer wheelbase!

Feel the adrenalin rush with the first burst of high-torque acceleration! As the machine extends relentlessly through the power band, the surge of acceleration will leave you breathless. Similar wheelbase and tread to 1/8 class machines with the same wheels and tires generate the DBX VE 2.0 electric buggyΆs breathtaking racing potency. The full time 4WD chassis is powered by the dynamic combination of the ORION Vortex brushless motor and ESC with a constantly rotating cooling fan. Advanced design meshes with ease-of-use so you can enjoy both the audacious performance of a 1/8 class racer with the user-friendliness of 1/10 class on any 1/8 GP buggy race course or the local off-road track. With the full variety of tires available on the market for 1/8 buggies able to be fitted, tire selection to suit different types of tracks adds even more performance and fun. The DBX VE 2.0 comes packaged as a fully assembled Readyset equipped with a 2.4GHz R/C system that becomes operational as soon as it is switched ON. Take charge of the new generation DBX VE 2.0 and form a lethal racing combination for a long time to come.

Full-time 4WD chassis incorporates all of KyoshoΆs formidable resources and know-how in the development of this low center of gravity shaft-driven 3-differential drive train.   Equipped with stylish but strong 5-spoke wheels and micro square pattern tires. Both are 1/8 class Inferno specification.   One-piece box type battery room also suits 3-cell Li-Po batteries. Provides secure fitting to resist external shocks.
ORION VORTEX 10 EVO brushless motor is pre-fitted on an aluminum die cast motor mount and allows gear backlash to be easily adjusted with just three screws.   Equipped with ORION VORTEX R10 (with cooling fan) ESC that automatically sets its neutral position when the power is switched on.   Ball-connected suspension features interchangeable suspension arms, front-rear knuckles and shock stays for optimal maintenance efficiency.
Deep stroke double wishbone suspension delivers smooth performance over rough surfaces. Maintenance is improved by positioning the rear tie-rod around to the front side.   Includes 2.4GHz Syncro KT-200 R/C system featuring dual-rate and failsafe functionality.   Includes 2 graphic decals which can be applied to customize the slick aerodynamic body.
  • Retains the user-friendliness of 1/10 class but with dynamic 1/8 class running power.
  • Full range of 1/8 class wheels and tires available on the market can be installed.
  • Equipped with large capacity oil shocks that also provide dial adjustment of chassis height.
  • Equipped with pre-installed shock springs with spring tension optimized to match chassis specifications.
  • Utilizes powerful digital servo to achieve the excellent controllability.
  • Equipped with strengthened high-rigidity large center shaft as well as swing shafts on all four wheels.
  • Includes aerodynamic pre-cut body complete with printed color scheme.
  • Wide scope for setting adjustments include: chassis height; camber; tread; front & rear toe-in, and shock mounting positions.
  • The gear ratio is optimized for 1/8 class tires.
  • Includes aerodynamic pre-cut body complete with printed color scheme.
  • Includes decals for two color schemes.

A Readyset is a fully assembled model that includes nearly everything you need to run. Body Color scheme is complete so only consumables like batteries and fuel are required so you can start operating the model without delay.

< ReadySet Contents >

  • Factory assembled chassis with 2-channel, 1-servo, 1-ESC R/C unit
  • Perfex KT-100 transmitter
  • Pre-painted body
  • Pre-installed Team Orion VORTEX 10 brushless motor
  • Pre-installed Team Orion VORTEX R10 ESC
  • Cross wrench


< Required for operation >

  • Battery for chassis/ 7.2-8.4V Ni-MH or 7.4-11.1V Li-Po battery with super plug connector
  • Battery charger
  • 4 x AA-size alkaline batteries for transmitter
Chassis Technical Data
Tread (F/R)
Gear Ratio
2,370g (with body)
Orion Vortex 10 Evo brushless

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