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FMS Hummer H1 Alpha 1/12 Scaler RTR RC Off Road Truck

  • Κωδικός/Model: FMS11261RTRBK
  • Διαθεσιμότητα : ΚΑΤΟΠΙΝ ΠΑΡΑΓΓΕΛΙΑΣ
  • Κατασκευάζεται από: FMS


Πρόσθεσε :

FMS Hummer H1 Alpha 1/12 Scaler RTR RC Off Road Truck.

In the late 1970s, the U.S. Army proposed the development concept of a High Mobility Multi-purpose Wheeled Vehicle, based on the Vietnam War experience.

The identified task was to replace a wide range of Jeeps and Trucks with a light off-road vehicle that could meet the requirements of all military units whilst also being able to achieve a high degree of modular maintenance, improved reliability, and at the same time also minimise logistical burdens and procurement costs.
AM General (AMG) finally won the contract with the army to manufacture such a vehicle in the face of very determined competition from sport’s car company Lamborghini.

It was during "Operation Desert Storm" in the early 1990's that the vehicle first attracted worldwide attention - pictures of over 20,000 HMMWs made up of more than 30 sub-models including ambulances, personnel carriers, anti-tank missile vehicles, etc, carrying American soldiers into battle, were spread all over global media, leaving countless vehicle fans and collectors fascinated.

After the war, AMG launched a civilian version of the HUMW, officially named HUMMER. The first civilian HUMMER was the H1, and its owners included a number of celebrities such as boxers George Foreman and Mike Tyson, NBA superstar Cliff Robinson, and perhaps the most notable owner was none other than "The Terminator" himself Arnold Schwarzenegger. The HUMMER H1 has won the favour of many tough guys due to its arrogant size, performance, and many unique variations. To improve stability, the 6,500cc V8 diesel engine adopts a front mid-mounted layout and is placed at the lowest point in the middle of the bean, with the driveshaft for the front axle running parallel to the side of the engine to output the power from the transfer case. By having the powertrain low in the centre of the vehicle it ensures that the HUMMER can still maintain high-speed maneuvering and stability even with its own weight being as high as 3 tons.

The portal axle drive system is very well hidden within the double-wishbone independent suspension system, which increases the ground clearance of the wide body to 410mm, making it possible to navigate all kinds of rough roads and terrain. When the front and rear differentials are locked, the powerful torque is fully released, and the low speed climbing performance is even more impressive.
Over the years, a number of HUMMER H1 toys and RC vehicles have come to the marketplace but none have come close to truly embracing the same rugged build quality, attention to detail, or scale, until now!

The FMS HUMMER H1 RC model is the next in a line of high-detail scale vehicles from FMS Model and, true to the real vehicle it is based on, it follows all the above designs.

Power comes from a 370-motor hidden inside the scale engine casing. However, the gearbox need not be hidden as these gear assemblies operate within the gearbox housing. Two servos are positioned on either side of the motor and respectively control both the switch between high and low speed gears and the operation of the transfer case, thus switching between rear drive and four-wheel drive. Power from the transfer case is transmitted to the front and rear axles via a pair of metal driveshafts. Both the front and rear differentials also have a differential lock function, each driven by a servo which can be locked by remote control. Four metal drive shafts transmit power at each corner of the vehicle from the differential to the reduction gear assembly, commonly known as a "portal axle".

As well as the vehicle coming standard with metal drive shafts, it also has a full metal gear-set and 47 ball-bearings.

The rear wheel steering was originally an upgrade reserved for the planned follow-up model HUMMER EV. We have included it as an additional hidden function of the HUMMER H1, so you now have a total of 4 steering modes! The extra mode, which can reduce the steering radius by 50%, is ideal in confined spaces and is sure to further improve the driving pleasure of this beautifully recreated scale vehicle.

The FMS HUMMER H1 is a very high detail remote control scale model. The faithful reproduction of both the chassis structure and the accurate reproduction of the drivetrain are just the beginning.

To satisfy the most critical of scale enthusiasts in both the hobby, and the scale RC industry, attention to detail of this model throughout was paramount, this even extended to the perfectly recreated interior. The HUMMER H1 uses a front mid-engine layout just like the real vehicle, and to facilitate maintenance, the hood is designed to be flipped forward. When flipping the hood up, the front bumper must also be flipped forward at the same time to avoid damage.

The hood catch was also recreated 1:12 scale and stamped out of 0.4mm sheet metal. When the hood is opened, in addition to the V8 engine, you can also see the 7-channel receiver and battery, all of which is easily accessible.

As a light off-road vehicle carrying 4 people, the Hummer's 2197mm width is no different from that of a general medium-sized truck.

The FMS HUMMER H1 4 doors can all be opened, and the smart door lock mechanism is a separate unit. By opening the doors, you gain access to the fantastically detailed interior that features 4 soft rubber seats, perfectly prepared for 1/12 moveable figures. The cabin also features a highly detailed dashboard and moving steering wheel that turns with the main steering. The roof is also removable, allowing the scale enthusiast to set up figures or simply view the interior. Derived from the bloodline of the Hummer, which can be traced back to the Willis gene, the windshield can be lowered forward, which is convenient for the attachment of various military weapons, or simply to achieve that more rugged and wild look.

The body of the Hummer is mainly made of aluminium alloy and fiberglass, and the fixing method is riveting, so there is no doubt that the whole body is covered with rivets. Hence, on the FMS model, the “rivets” are of course restored to the extreme. The Scale enthusiasts said that there should be lights, so there are lights: headlights, fog lights, turn signals, marker lights, tail lights, reversing lights, brake lights, with all lights able to be operated via the remote control.

A 2.4G 7CH digital proportional radio system, a receiver/ESC/light control three-in-one unit, 7 servos (including 13g metal gear servo x2pcs) in charge of front and rear wheel steering, front and rear wheel differential locks, high and low speed shifting, 2/4-wheel drive switching and steering wheel linkage.

Unlike the common scale crawlers on the market, this is a very high-detail RC crawler that comes complete with a full-scale chassis structure and drivetrain system, and an exquisite scale interior with full door function. With the insistence of "perfect appearance, excellent performance", the FMS Hummer H1 is presented as it should be a no compromise "work of art" scale vehicle that is sure to be one for collectors and enthusiasts alike!


  • The world's first (chassis, interior, appearance) full simulation remote control Hummer H1 model
  • Full simulation Hummer H1 chassis
  • Portal axle
  • Remote differential lock-Ball bearings x 47
  • Two speed transmission, 2WD-4WD switching
  • Metal driveshaft for the whole vehicle
  • Metal gear for the whole vehicle, Hidden function 4WS
  • Bumper can be folded forward
  • The hood can be opened and has a metal locking mechanism
  • Windshield can be folded forward, Both side doors (4) can be opened
  • Scale movable door lock mechanism
  • Tailgate can be opened
  • Roof can be removed
  • Full car simulated rivets
  • Exquisite interior
  • Soft rubber seats
  • Remote control steering wheel linkage LED lights x 20pcs
  • 9g servo x 5, 13g metal gear servo x2, 370 Brushed motor, 2.4GHz 7CH radio system
  • Reserve winch drive control system


Radio Control: 118 x 73 x 145mm, 130g (Battery not Included)
Model Vehicle: 408x 222 x 162mm, 442g(Battery not Included)
Tire: Φ 78 x 25mm
Wheelbase: 272mm
Minimum Ground Clearance: 40mm
Approach Angle: 52°
Departure Angle: 39 °
Driving Speed: 8km/h Max
Remote Distance: 30m
Play Time: 20 minute

What's Included

  • 1 x 1:12 Hummer RS
  • 1 x 2.4GHz Radio
  • 1 x 2-in-1 Receiver / ESC (installed)
  • 1 x 370 Brushed Motor (installed)
  • 5 x 3-wire 9g Plastic Digital Servo (installed)
  • 2 x 3-wire 13g Metal Servo (installed)
  • 1 x Hex Wrench Socket
  • 1 x Product Manual

Needed To Complete

  • AAA Batteries for Radio
  • Compatible Charger for Battery Used
  • 2S LiPo with an XT30 Connector

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