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Thunder Tiger F-91S - 4 Stroke Engines/Κινητήρες

  • Κωδικός/Model: TT9804 - F91S
  • Κατασκευάζεται από: Thunder Tiger

397.00€  265.00€
Έκπτωση: 33%

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Thunder Tiger F-91S - 4 Stroke Engines/Κινητήρες.
Thunder Tiger's new F-91S engine is the perfect way to enjoy the advantage of four-stroke performance; the ability to swing a large prop, increased torque, reduced noise and improved fuel economy. Featuring a twin needle updraft carburetor, black anodized cylinder head, oversized valves and combined with a high performance silencer to give the best power-to-weight ratio possible.


  • Black cylinder head.
  • Crankshaft with Ni plating to reduce corrosion.
  • XC2 (extreme composite coating) cylinder liner with special criss-cross pattern etched.
  • Lightened hyperutectic machined Al-Si ringed piston.
  • High strength connecting rod with bushings pre-installed.
  • Over-sized drive washer diameter for 13” to 18” propeller.
  • Dual ball bearing supported crankshaft.
  • Rubber- sealed rear bearing to reduce corrosion.
  • Plain bearing supported camshaft.
  • Fine polishing rocker cover.
  • State of the art CNC machined components.
  • Smooth manifold.
  • Rear-mounted up draft and Reversible carburetor.
  • Black anodized muffler included.
  • Redline RF glow plug included.


Displacement:  14.97 c.c. / .914
Bore:  28.3 mm / 1.114 in.
Stroke:  23.8 mm / 0.937 in.
Practical R.P.M.:  2,000 ~ 12,000 rpm
Output:   1.6 BHP / 11,000 RPM
Weight:   742.8 g / 26.20 oz 

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