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Ethos HD RTF Quad - ARES RC Drone

  • Κωδικός/Model: AZSZ2500
  • Κατασκευάζεται από: ARES RC


Ethos HD RTF Quad - ARES RC Drone.
The Ares Advantage Ethos HD is the ideal platform for budget-minded customers in the market for a large quad to take high quality aerial photos and video. The large size of the Ethos HD makes it easy to see in flight and the Aegis 6-axis Flight Stability System (FSS) gives it the control you need to get the quality footage you want. A high quality camera that films 1080 HD video at 30 FPS or 720 HD video at 60 FPS comes installed on the Ethos HD along with an Anti-Vibration Mount that helps hold the camera steady so you can avoid shakes and bumps in your video footage. The Ethos HD even includes a high speed SD memory card and a USB card reader so you can view your videos and photos nearly anywhere. With all these features coming standard on the Ethos HD, itΆs easy to see why itΆs the fastest route to quality aerial video and photography! When youΆre ready to take a break from filming and just have some fun, the Ethos HD has you covered. Like its little brother, the Ares QX 130, the Ethos HD comes with an integrated LED light system and is capable of doing 360° flips at the touch of a button. Plus, the same fun accessories (Rocket Launcher, Water Blaster, Bubble Machine, and Winch Unit) that can be purchased separately for the QX 130 - also work with the Ethos HD! The Ethos HD is RTF (Ready-To-Fly), so it arrives 100% factory-assembled and everything needed to fly and take video and photos is included in the box. In addition to the Ethos HD airframe, camera, and anti-vibration mount, you get a 2.4GHz standard size 4-channel transmitter (with 2 additional channels to control the camera), a 1200mAh 2-cell 25C LiPo battery, an AC charger for convenient charging from almost any outlet, and even the AA batteries needed to power up the transmitter. With nothing extra to buy, you can begin taking high quality aerial videos and photos within minutes of opening the box!

Key Features

  • Includes Aegis 6-axis Flight Stabilization System (FSS).
  • Included camera films 1080 HD video at 30 FPS or 720 HD video at 60 FPS.
  • RTF quad also includes anti-vibration mount, high speed SD card and card reader
  • Camera can be controlled from transmitter during flight
  • Fun QX 130 accessories also fit the HD
  • Capable of 360° flips at the push of a button
  • Integrated LED system is built into the airframe
  • Includes 2S 1200mAh Lipo battery for powerful long flight times and an AC charger that conveniently plugs into any AC outlet.

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