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Idea Fly Ifly4S ARTF Quadcopter

  • Κωδικός/Model: IFLY4S
Idea Fly Ifly4S ARTF Quadcopter.
The iFly4S is the evolution of the very successful and super stable iFly4. This new unit is larger, adding more lifting power and giving more stability to an already rock solid platform. The iFly4S has been designed to be able to use a stabilized camera mount and the option for a GPS expansion module making it a great platform for photography, the beginner and even the pro. It also provides a great platform for FPV projects.

The larger platform has collapsible carbon fibre arms which conceal the speed controller cables, an FRP centre plate to hold it all together and oversized landing gear to accommodate larger cameras. At the heart of the iFly4S is a super stable 3 axis stabilisation unit which you need to wire up to your chosen receiver. The calibration software will see you airborne very quickly with a simple to use interface, one of the easiest we have seen. Best of all within 30 minutes you should be airborne.

IFLY-4S brief introduction

  1. High strength carbon fiber arm , foldable design .
  2. Equip with 4 low noise brushless motor.
  3. Equip with 4 Highlight LED which can better indicate flying status.
  4. Equip with whole set high-performance flight controller system (flight controller+ESC+PSB) which is already been setup and adjust well.
  5. Weight of the quad:810g (receiver and battery are not included)
  6. Max payload:700g(include the receiver and battery)
  7. Max take of weight: 1550g (we suggest don΅―t overweight the quad )
  8. Distance between the motor shaft :550 MM
  9. Can choose to connect a 2 axis camera mount (for Aerial photo & video)
Product Features
  1. Easy to setup ,just need to calibrate the Radio before the flying.
  2. Foldable design, easy to carry.
  3. Higher landing gear design make it possible to hang kinds of device.
  4. Basic on IFLY-C4E flight controller, already carry with the Camera automatic balance function output, no need to buy some extra related camera balance.
  5. Improvement high-performance controlsystem, makes it can Precise locking height no matter what the change of the payload.
  6. Automatic take off ,landing,allowing Automatic slow down landing under the condition of ΅°out of control΅±.
  7. Better wind resistance ,can easy to fly under the situation of 3 level wind.
  8. Channel 4 radio is a must to fly the quad ( not control the mode and camera mount)
  9. Equip with 4 highlight LED and buzzer ,offer real time flying status indication.
  10. Offer Internal cabin voltage detection principle module, can detect the infos of the battery voltage,Real-time monitoring battery usage.
  11. Equip with 2 axis (ROLL,PITCH) camera mount output control (automatic compensation)
  12. Better ESC that can compatible with most of the PWM ESC.(recommendHobbywing 10A ESC


Introduction of IFLYC4E Flight Controller:

IFLYC4E is a flight control system specially designed for IFLY4S, which is all-in-one module includes controller, gyroscope, accelerometer and barometer, etc. It supports normal transmitter, offers 6-way PWM ESC output, has online upgrade support and expended GPS, extremely easy to fly even without any adjustment.


  1. Manual flight mode, it offer basic automatic stabilizationin this mode.
  2. Auto-balanced mode, in this mode the quad can keep auto balance.
  3. Height lock mode, in this mode the quad can keep the altitude hold ,alsocan auto-take off and auto-landing .
  4. Fail safe ,when the Throttle value lower than 15% (height hold mode) ,the quad can auto Slow uniform decline, auto turn off when finish landing.
  5. 7 channel Radio input.
  6. 2 axis camera mount output.
  7. 6 channel ESC output
  8. One channel LED mode output
  9. One buzzer output
  10. The internal integrated power module


  • 3 axis Gyro (with good antiknock characteristic)
  • 3 axisAccelerometter.
  • High precision barometer
  • Universal contact USB connector makes it easy to adjust and upgrade.
  • 2 axis camera mount control output.
  • 6channle PWM standard ESC output
  • Internal Integrated UBEC ,can provide 5V/500MA output
  • Internal integrated voltage can monitor warning function
   Can expand COMPASS and GPS connector



Material: Plastic
Propeller size: 10inch * 2
Anti-rotating Propeller: 10inch * 2

Bushless Motor: (IFly2212)11.1v
Drive Configuration: direct drive for each axis
Governor: 15A digital governor
Diameter: 28.5mm
Weight: 42g (without plug)
Shaft distance: 3mm
Fixed hole pisition: 16mm*19mm
Voltage: 11.1v/14.8v 850kv

Camera Mount: (Optional)
Camera Mount with vibration isolation
Material: carbon fibe
Number of axes: single axis

Workding Enviroment:
Ambient Humidity: <%80
Ambient temperature: 0-60 (Celsius degrees )
Ambient wind speed: <4m/s

IFLY-10A PWM High-speed ESC
1. Output Current: continuous current 10A, short-time current 15A (less than 10 sec.)
2. Power Input: 3 li-po battery input.
3. Port Type: highspeed I2C data port(1000khz-400khz).
4. Safe Rotation Protection: when the motor is suddenly stopped or locked during working, the motor output will automatically stop and will not restart until several seconds waiting, which is effectively protect the ESC and motor from burning.
5. No driving Noise: the highspeed output driver can protect you from those boring noise.

IF2212 Brushless Motor
This motor is only 45g, specially designed for IFLY-4 multi-rotor aircraft. IDEA-FLY motor adopts latest magnet material with higher effeciency and payload voltage. Besides, its unique all-in-oneblade holder structure can effectively decrease distance between propeller and motor, avoid resonance cased by motor working and speed changing.

Package Includes:
1 x Flight Controller
4 x Motor
4 x ESC
1 x CD

Single-axis Camera Mount (Camera not includes) (Optional)

Required to complete: 3S 11.1v 3S LiPo Battery, 6 Channel Transmitter and Receiver.

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