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Τηλεκατευθυνόμενο Αεροπλάνο FMS 1500MM Maule ARTF με Πλωτήρες

  • Κωδικός/Model: FMS114PF-REFV2
  • Διαθεσιμότητα : Model Shop, RC Models, Montelismos, Τηλεκατευθυνόμενα - Ετοιμοπαράδοτο
  • Κατασκευάζεται από: FMS


Πρόσθεσε :

Τηλεκατευθυνόμενο Αεροπλάνο FMS 1500MM Maule ARTF με Πλωτήρες - Reflex V2.



The world is always full of mavericks, and Maule was one of them. Can you believe it? While the whole world geared up to fly higher and faster, Maule was doing the opposite - to fly slower and lower- and he did it.

The FMS 1500mm model Maule replicates the low-speed handling and short take-off and landing (STOL) features of the real Maule to the greatest extent possible. Aided by lightweight and durable EPO foam and functional flaps, FMS Maule can taking off within three meters.

In line with the product concept of "perfect appearance, excellent performance", FMS Maule includes an abundance of scale detail. From the crystal-clear cabin windows and interior decoration, to molded panel lines, antennas, rivets, vortex generators and functional LED lights, FMS Maule pushes the limits of restoration that can be achieved in an aircraft of the same size and type.

Maule can be equipped with two sets of landing gear - a tyre set and a float set, for conquering any terrain year-round. The pre-installed 3S/4S compatible brushless power system delivers plenty of performance for flying from smooth or rough surfaces using the oversized wheels, or from water using the included float set.

FMS Maule - enjoy unparalleled flying pleasure.


  • Power configuration: high-performance 3541 motor, 40A ESC.
  • Scale details: cockpit interior, pilot, molded panel lines, antennas, rivets, vortex generators
  • Glue-free assembly
  • Functional flaps for low-speed handling and shorter takeoffs and landings (STOL)
  • Factory installed and operational LED lighting
  • Lightweight and durable EPO foam construction
  • Plug-in, two-piece wing design with folding wing struts
  • Oversized tires and heavy-duty wire landing gear
  • Optional float set included with steerable water rudder for taking off and landing on water



Wingspan: 1500mm
Overall length: 1100mm
Flying weight: 1871g
Motor size: 3541-KV105
ESC: 40A with XT60 Battery Connector
Servo: 9g Servo x 7
Radio: 6 Channel
CG (center of gravity): 60-70mm(From leading edge)
Prop Size: 11*7,2-blade
Recommended battery: 11.1V 2200-3200mAh 25C
Aileron: Yes
Elevator: Yes
Rudder: Yes
Flaps: Yes
Retracts: No
Approx. flying duration: 4 min
Minimum age recommendation: 14+
Assembly time: 10 minutes
Wing area: 35.7dm²(in²)
Experience level: Intermediate


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