Alien Command Stabilization Unit


Τιμή: 69.00€

  • Κωδικός/Model: AC1-Alien-Command

Alien Command Stabilization Unit.
Flying with Alien Command is easy. When you centre the control stick, it will automatically return the aircraft to level flight. It works over a wide range of weather conditions. A simple calibration adjusts the Alien Command unit to the local environment, and a sensitivity control changes its responses to match pilot skills.

Alien Command is an excellent teaching aid because it maintains stable flight while the student develops flying skills (the key is to centre the sticks to regain control). Advanced pilots find it useful for flying and landing under windy conditions. It can help tame an unstable aircraft, and is ideal for maintaining control during your first flights with a new model.

How does it work?

Alien Command looks at the horizon with infrared heat sensors (this same technology is used in thermal imaging cameras). The Earth is warm (even when covered with snow) below the horizon, while the sky is cold above the horizon. The unit identifies this temperature difference. When it senses changes in aircraft attitude relative to the infrared horizon, it sends corrective signals to keep the aircraft level.

Can it be turned off?

If your transmitter has an unused channel, you can control Alien Command from the ground. Turn it on when itΆs needed, and turn it off when it isnΆt needed. If the channel has proportional control, you can also remotely adjust the units sensitivity.

Most Common Applications
The Alien Command unit is suitable for any helicopter with a 90 degree swash plate.

For example:
Interceptor 400
Falcon 3D / Mini Pred
Trex 450 XL HDE

Note: heli must have analogue cyclic servos.

Also works with fixed wing.
  • Flight stabilises
  • Improves control
  • Eliminates mechanical slop
  • Mixes on board the helicopter
  • Fly your helicopter in strong wind

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