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Carisma - Electric R/C Cars

Modellsport announce the Carisma RC Cars in Greece. Carisma produce a range of predominantly ready-to-run electric on road rc cars to an unparalleled level of detail and scale finishing that has previously only been seen on diecast models.


The M14 range is the entry-level model based on a 2wd chassis with floating rear pod. All bodyshells are interchangeable through the multi position wheelbase and body mount positions, while all radio equipment can be removed, repaired/upgraded. Accepting regular xtals and having a host of hot upgrade options the M14 is a significant step up on many of the toy offerings in this price bracket.

Also available in the M14 Series:


M14 Availability

CA99668 Subaru Imperza WRC 1/14th
CA95968 Mitsubishi Lancer WRC 1/14th
CA97968 Ford Focus WRC 1/14th
CA100968 Porsche 997 WRC 1/14th
CA101568 VW Golf GTI Cup 1/14th
CA102068 Ferrari F430 GT2 1/14th
CA102268 Ferrari FXX Evoluzione 1/14th
CA103568 Merceded Benz SLR GT 1/14th
CA968868 Mini Cooper S JCW GP 1/14th




The R14 and GT14 share a similar chassis, one based on touring car the other rally. Both use beautifully finished scale bodyshells of some of the hottest race and road cars around. Underneath the chassis used is built to a very high specification featuring ballraced shaft drive, threaded shocks, slipper, diffs and twin deck chassis. All electronics, batteries and charger are included for just £99.99 RRP. These are ideal starting point for smaller clubs and venues looking to open up a cost effective on road class.

Also available in the R14 Series:


R14 Availability

CA52168 Ford Focus WRC 1/14th
CA50268 Mitsubishi Lancer 1/14th
CA50168 Subaru Imperza WRC 1/14th






Also available in the M40S Series:

GT14 Availability

CA52968 VW Golf GTI Cup 1/14th
CA53168 Ferrari F430 GT2 1/14th
CA54068 Mercedes c-Klasse 1/14th
CA50468 Ferrari 360 GTC 1/14th
CA51868 Mini Cooper S JCW GP 1/14th
CA52668 Porsche 997 GT3 1/14th
CA51068 Audi Sport Team 1/14th
CA52768 Nissan Skyline GTR 1/14th




In addition the carbon, full option GT14 Pro ARR rolling chassis is tailored for the finest racers needs and is capable of exceptional performance.

GT14 Pro Availability

CA54268 GT14 Pro ARR 1/14th




The Carisma range is concluded with the M40S 1/10th range of touring car and rally shells. Once again high scale detailing is the order of the day mounted on a shaft driven 4wd moulded tub chassis with competition electronics and 19turn motor installed. If you are looking for a cost effective package with some real racing pedigree then think Carisma R/C.
Also available in the M40S Series:

M40S Availability

CA67768 Ferrari 360 GTC 1/10th
CA68668 Subaru Imperza WRC 1/10th
CA68868 Ford Focus WRC 1/10th
CA68168 BMW M3 GTR 1/10th
CA68268 Audi Sport Team



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