1/16 M26 Pershing Snow Leopard BB Radio Controlled (RC) Tank

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  • Κωδικός/Model: T3838

1/16 M26 Pershing Snow Leopard BB Radio Controlled (RC) Tank.

Description:1/16 Scale R/C Battle Tank
Features: R/C battle tank max firing range of motor air gun appr.25M (with Hop-up System). Automatic electric gun system installed, perfect actions radio control battle tank.

The tank can move on a rough road.

Full operation: Forward, reverse, regular turning, pivot turning, turret turning, recoil action and 88mm barrel up & down, super chassis, realistic suspension system, rubber covered wheels, pre-assembled tracks. A realistic commander is equipped to enable this monster machine to run with full action.

Max. Firing range of motor air gun: Appr.25M (with hop-up system) Gun shell:6 mm BB shell Load of shells: Appr.40 shells Max. Side turning angle of turret(left/right): Appr.320 degree Max. Vertical turning angle of gun(Up/down): Appr. 20degree Max. Climbing gradient (changeable on different road surfaces): Appr. 35 degree Full length: 530 mm Full wildth: 232 mm Full Height: 188 mm 3 frequency, 9 band for change. Equipped with high gripping caterpillar. Vivid simulation of actions of actual battle tank.

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