FMS Beechcraft Staggerwing ARTF RC Plane

Τιμή: 225.00€

  • Κωδικός/Model: FS0160
  • Κατασκευαστής: FMS
  • Διαθεσιμότητα : Model Shop, RC Models, Montelismos, Τηλεκατευθυνόμενα - Ετοιμοπαράδοτο / Παράδοση Αποστολής σε 1-3 μέρες

FMS Beechcraft Staggerwing ARTF RC Airplane.
The design of the Beechcraft Model 17 set it apart from its competition when it first came into production in the late 1930’s. The Biplane is constructed mainly from timber and steel tube, it featured a top wing behind the lower wing and this enhanced pilot visibility and improved roll stability.

FMS have replicated the Staggerwing very accurately; the stable biplane platform offers a very scale like flight envelope and it will provide endless hours of entertainment without you ever breaking out into a sweat. The scale flaps make landing the Staggerwing a walk in the park and the steering tailwheel add to its great ground handling too.

Tech Spec:
  • Wingspan: 1030mm
  • Fuselage length: 850mm
  • Motor: Brushless 850 kv
  • ESC: 35 Amp
  • Ailerons, Flaps, Elevator, Rudder (steering tail wheel)
  • Servos: 6x9g
  • Battery required: 3S 1800mAh
  • Retracts: 2 x Worm-drive Electronic
** Απαιτείται για ολοκλήρωση : Τηλεκατεύθυνση/Δέκτης, Μπαταρία

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