Nine Eagles YAK 54 RTF

Τιμή: 65.00€

  • Κωδικός/Model: A-NE202001A

Nine Eagles YAK 54 RTF.
For those that take their indoor flying seriously! The fabulous Nine Eagles YAK 54 is a full-on aerobatic model that can be flown indoors or out. With an average flying weight of around 35g, outside flying needs to be in calm conditions. This model is intended for experienced aerobatic flyers only. The controls are powerful, although two levels of response can be selected within the transmitter.

The fuselage is a super-lightweight EPS shell and the wings/tail, solid injection moulded EPS. That structure has then been carefully painted in a stunning scheme (plus declas) that adds almost no additional weight. 

Immense care has been taken in the factory to remove every gram of unnecessary weight so that performance is maximised. The brushed motor/gearbox combination provides all the 'urge' required for every scale manouevre that the YAK should perform. The Patented Nine Eagles propeller system is efficient and is designed to pop off the hub if it impacts anything. This saves the propeller from damage, and more importantly, the gearbox output shaft!! 2 seconds at it is clipped back on again.

Inside there is a light, intergral, receiver/ESC/2 servo electronic unit. The servo for the ailerons is separate. The transmitter is the proven Nine Eagles unit that can be either Mode 1 or 2. The change needs just 5 minutes and two small screws. The transmitter also houses the fast charger for the flight battery. An optional charger that can charge two at a time is available also.

The standard flight battery is a 1S 150mAh Li-Po. Additional batteries are available as is a higher 'C' rate 130mAh from Intellect (O-IT1S1P013025AN1) for strong performance.

Absolutely no additional purchase is required to get flying. Even the 4 AA dry cells for the transmitter are included. What's more, the box it comes in can double as transport case as it has been cleverly designed to do that!

A full set of spare parts can be obtained, should you damage something in a 'mid air' for instance.

Servos:2 in main board, one extra(included)
Radio System:4ch 2.4gHz included
Electric Motor:Brushed 8mm plus gearbox included
LiPo:1S 150Mah (Included)
S/C Rec:Integral unit with RX and 2 servos

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