Top Gun Edge 540 RC Airplanes, Glow, GP Planes

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Τιμή: 265.00€

  • Κωδικός/Model: TG1150
  • Κατασκευαστής: Top Gun

Top Gun Edge 540, RC Airplanes, Glow, GP Planes.
When it comes to aerobatics, there is a new kid in town. Many flyers believe the Edge 540 can join the exclusive club of Pitts, Extra, Sukhoi and Cap.  With its unique straight leading edge profile and the fact that the thrust line, wing, and stab are close to inline, the Edge 540 has the right ingredients to be a winner. Prebuilt with balsa and ply, finished in a distinctive blue and yellow covering, T6 aluminum landing gear and with pre-painted fiberglass cowl and wheel pants, the Edge sits just under 2m in wingspan and looks every inch the part.

It's removable hatch gives easy access to mid-mounted wing and radio. With near symmetrical design the Edge offers superb aerobatic precision and performance. Its large control surfaces allow for perfect execution of 3-D maneuvers. Snap rolls, knife edge, inside and outside loops, the Edge has it all.

Spec Check:

  • Wing Span: 78in (1981mm)
  • Wing Area: 1010sq in (651.6dm sq)
  • Weight: 11-13lbs (5-5.9kg)
  • 2-Stroke Engine Size: 1.08-1.50
  • 4-Stroke Engine Size: 1.20-1.80
  • Radio: 4-5 channel
  • Length: 68.5in (1740mm)

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