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  • Κωδικός/Model: 214211
  • Κατασκευαστής: Multiplex

MiniMag - the little brother of the Magister! A compact, agile power model with all the hallmarks of a modernlight aircraft. Suitable for beginners - with a little help from an experiencedmodeller, or after initial practice with an EasyStar. In the latter case much of the EasyStar’s airborne equipment can be reused. The MiniMag flies very well on rudder and elevator, but can be converted to ailerons at any time. With ailerons the MiniMag is able to show off its full aerobatic capability, with rolls, inverted
fl ight, loops etc. well within its scope. Close the throttle - and the MiniMag glides in slowly and gently for the landing. Supplied as standard with a Permax 400/6V motor and propeller.

• Perfect flying characteristics for the beginner
• Rudder / elevator controls as standard can be converted to ailerons at any time to keep pace with the pilot’s improving skills
• Removable wings for ease of transport
• Short building time
• No workshop required
• ELAPOR® construction for a very robust airframe
• Off to the water - with the float kit, #733069 this option is particularly successful in conjunction with the “Sport” BL-X 22- 18 power set, #33 2627

Kit contents:

Moulded ELAPOR® fuselage, wing and tail panel components, motor and propeller, undercarriage and wheels, small items, decals and comprehensive instructions.

Wingspan: 1010 mm
Overall fuselage length: 820 mm
All-up weight: min. 580 g
Wing area: approx. 22 dm²
Wing loading (FAI): min. 26 g / dm²
Power: min. Permax 400/6 V
Functions: Rudder / elevator / throttle
Option: Aileron (2 servos)


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