Standbox 4 in 1 Flexible Modular Aircraft Storage System

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Τιμή: 65.00€

  • Κωδικός/Model: AVI001

Standbox 4 in 1 Flexible Modular Aircraft Storage System.
Standbox is a light flexible modular system to be used for building, maintenance, transport, and storage of RC model airplanes. If you are looking for a ground-breaking tool designed for working on RC airplane models, this is for you.

Created by modelers, for modelers, it makes storage easy and transportation safe. Moreover it helps while working with the airplane model including fast configuration to fit your model size.

Standbox is made of high quality foam that is easily washable and durable against commonly used fuels and solvents. The foam is characterized by low weight, sufficient rigidness, and excellent flexibility.

Standbox is easily adjustable to fit airplane models of varying sizes due to its unique characteristics. Standbox foam enables the use of solid joints, which can be quickly reassembled. The Standbox's joining aperture of supports has round corners, which provide pressure within the point of connection making the joint strong without the use of glue.

With the Standbox dovetail joint it is possible to disassemble and reassemble repeatedly without damaging the tightness of the frame. This unique component configuration means you can assemble and disassemble the product many times.

Standbox offers a lot of functions in one package:
  • Universal for various airplane model sizes
  • Can be assembled without the use of glue
  • Saves storage place – disassembly of airplane model allows space-saving during storage
  • Facilitates transport - all airplane parts are easily transportable when disassembled
  • Resistant to commonly used fuels and solvents
  • Extra-durable against collision and impact
  • Very low weight

Basic Standbox set AVI001 contains Standbox foam parts and accessories:
  • Support (4x)
  • Spacing prism (4x)
  • Segment (1x)
  • Clip (10x)
  • Shovel (1x)
  • Neck Strap (1x)
  • Carrying Strap (2x)

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