Primal LiPo-NiMH 4A AC-Charger

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Τιμή: 37.00€

  • Κωδικός/Model: RDNA0043
  • Κατασκευαστής: J PERKINS
  • Διαθεσιμότητα : Model Shop, RC Models, Montelismos, Τηλεκατευθυνόμενα - Ετοιμοπαράδοτο / Παράδοση Αποστολής σε 1-3 μέρες

Primal LiPo-NiMH 4A AC-Charger.
The Radient Primal Multi-Chemistry charger is a revolution in entry level R/C battery chargers that focuses on simplicity, capability, and safety. Beginning with our Safe Start charge initiation sequence, charging your batteries has never been easier or safer. The possibility of starting a charge in the wrong chemistry mode has been virtually eliminated with built-in connection analysis and two button start. The Primal will charge batteries up to 4 Amps but also will reset the charge current back to a 0.5 Amps after a charge cycle, reducing the risk of charging smaller batteries at higher currents. Utilizing Safe Peak technology, the Primal also determines the optimal charging mode to offer both peak detection voltage and balance charging, while optimizing battery life cycle. Additionally, the unique case design reduces the risk of blocked side vents for cooling and maintains stability while operating the charger. No other charger combines the simplicity of AC input, capability of multi-chemistry, and safety of charging LiPo batteries with such style and affordability.

Key Features

  • Multi-Chemistry capable of charging Nickel Cadmium, Nickel Metal-Hydride, and 2-3 cell Lithium Polymer batteries.
  • 0.5-4A Charge Rates in 0.5A increments
  • Safe Start Technology equipped
  • Safe Peak Technology equipped
  • Micro Processor controlled
  • T-Style (HCT) Plug and Mini-JST adapter included
  • Built in balance XH style balance ports
  • AC Input power
  • Integrated temperature controlled cooling fan
  • Built in cord wrap

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