Panzer IV F1 Tank (Shooter) (3858)

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Panzer IV F1 Tank (Shooter) (3858)

Key Features

  • Barrel moves up and down 30 & Rotates 360 degrees
  • Charge time - 3-4 hours
  • Controls - Forward, hi-speed forward, backward, hi-speed bakward, spin
  • Dimension - 36 x 19 x 18cm
  • Gun - 6mm BB Shooter
  • NiMH Battery and charger included
  • Proportional Control on Forward, Backwards, Left and Right
  • WITH 6mm SHOOTER - NO SMOKE/SOUND (colour scheme may vary)

Product Description


The Panzer IV was the most manufactured and deployed German tank of WWII and was developed in Germany in the late 1930s. Originally designed as an infantry support tank it later became a fighter tank as its predecessor Panzer III became obsolete against enemy tanks.

It was also the most widely exported tank in German service, with around 300 sold to partners such as Finland, Spain and Bulgaria. The French and Spanish also sold dozens to Syria after the war and it was used in combat in the Six-Day War.

The Panzer IV Ausf. F was first produced in April 1941. Some 464 Ausf. F1s were produced between April 1941 and March 1942 of which 25 were converted to F2, 175 F2s were produced from March 1942- July 1942.

The difference between the F1 and F2 was that the F2 was fitted with a new, longer, KwK 40 L/43 anti-tank gun to counter soviet T-34 and KV tanks. The Panzer was the only German tank to remain in production and combat throughout WWII.


  • Name: Panzerkampfwagen
  • Type: Medium tank
  • Place of origin: Germany
  • Designer: Krupp
  • Number built: 8,800 estimate
  • Weight: 25 tonnes
  • Length: 7.02m
  • Width: 2.88m
  • Height: 2.68m
  • Crew: 5 (commander, gunner, loader, driver and a radio operator/bow machine gunner)

Just add 8 x AA transmitter batteries and you are ready to take on the world!

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